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Ran Tong Elephant Rescue

Our talented students are traveling the world for conservation! Amanda Macías ventured to Thailand this summer to volunteer at the Ran Tong Elephant Rescue. Here’s what she wanted to share about the experience.

“Wildlife conservation has always been of great interest to me. I want to be part of the efforts to give some relief to disappearing species/habitats caused by human interference. I had a taste of conservation work through a program called EcoTeach where we traveled though Costa Rica to areas where restoration projects were underway. It was a great experience that helped raise my interest in a career in conservation. This past summer I was also able to travel to Thailand with International Student Volunteer. I spent a few weeks working at Ran Tong Elephant Rescue with other volunteers from around the world. Working with elephants was an incredible experience which only strengthened my desire to study conservation.”

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