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Detecting antibiotic resistant bacteria in our bays.

By now, you’ve probably heard that antibiotic resistant bacteria (ARB) are a global human health concern. They’ve been found in high numbers in hospitals and schools and a lot of work has been done to investigate their presence in these

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Plastic-microbe interaction study is underway!

Well in truth our research focusing on the interaction between microbes and plastics in the marine environment has been underway for some time. However, the second part is just underway, and this is the first time I’ve written about it,

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Ran Tong Elephant Rescue

Our talented students are traveling the world for conservation! Amanda Macías ventured to Thailand this summer to volunteer at the Ran Tong Elephant Rescue. Here’s what she wanted to share about the experience. “Wildlife conservation has always been of great

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Culture Sculptures

I’m always attracted to art and sometimes that art is inspired by microorganisms. The colorful and psychedelic patterns created by Paenibacillus dendritiformis and P. vortex are among the most well known examples. I recently found inspiration in the sculptures of artist Rogan

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Sheila Rogers: Oceans of Plastic

The intent of Sheila Rogers’ captivating and colorful artwork is to raise awareness of one of the most pressing consumer and environmental issues that we face today – plastic pollution, particularly in our oceans. The 3-D pieces are made from

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A Beguiling Aesthetic: Shelia Rogers and Her Oceans of Plastic

The ocean lures us to play, provokes us to awe, and makes us wary of its force. These colossal waters demand our reverence. And yet humans have become most intimately connected to this geography by way of our trash, by

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